We spent a lot of time in our bedroom so it makes sense to decorate it and make it more enjoyable. The smart bedroom is all the rage nowadays. From high-tech home appliances to smart bulbs the list of gadgets helps to make your bedroom smarter.

Think about smart mattress or snooze reducing alarm clock and fancy night lights. Pretty cool, huh? Below are the gadgets that will make your bedroom much better than now.


1. Plasma Nightlight: Plasma nightlights are the coolest nightlight ever. It’s a unique way to light paths in your bedroom through the night time.


2. Sleep Number c2 Bed: This bed launched a kind of sleep revolution. SleepIQ technology used in this mattress helps to track and optimize your sleep.


3. Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector: This sony projector allows you to bring the world of premium entertainment into your bedroom. It helps you to turn your ceiling or wall into a life-sized movie theater.

Samsung UHD TV

4. Samsung 4K UHD TV: Because of flat screen TVs are so backdated. The Samsung curved TV is must have for your bedroom.


5. Luna Mattress Cover: Want to make your mattress smarter? Use luna mattress cover, which can warm your bed and also track your sleep.

What do you think about those pretty cool gadgets? Do you own any of them?
Let me know which one you own in the comment section.