Foldable headphones are very comfortable and convenient for individuals and sports enthusiasts who do not want large sized earphones. They are lightweight and generally very easy to carry along. But they come in a wide range of styles and have some differences in their features.  However, the best foldable over ear headphones have certain features in common, such as excellent noise cancelling technology,  lightweight, comfortable fit, as well as long battery lifespan. If you are looking for the best collapsible headphones, you are surely at the right place.  Let’s find out which models are the best in the market and why they are so highly rated.

Best Foldable Headphones Compared:

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Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

  • Completely keeps out water and lets you enjoy your music
  • Features earbud tips for better comfort
  • Portable and extremely lightweight
  • Strong design and very durable
  • Quite affordable
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Waterproof Mp3 Player Earphone

  • Uniquely designed to comfortably fit on the ears
  • Made for both swimming and other outdoor exercise
  • Comes with high quality audio sound
  • 8GB of in-built memory for storing more than 2000 songs
  • Warranty provided
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Swimbuds 8 GB SYRYN waterproof Headphones

  • Absolutely waterproof
  • Quite comfortable and easy to attach to goggles
  • High quality ear buds for better comfort
  • Long battery life
  • Great sound output
  • Enough storage capacity
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Pyle PWPE10B Waterproof Bluetooth headphones

  • One of the cheapest Waterproof Bluetooth headphones around
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Good waterproof feature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable design
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IP68 Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earbud

  • Wide Bluetooth reach of about 35 feet
  • Comfortable on the ears
  • 100% water resistant
  • 12 months product warranty
  • Long lasting battery of up to 5 hours
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Waterfi Waterproof swimming Headphones

  • Waterfi is designed with superior quality materials
  • Comes with 1 year product warranty
  • Superior audio quality that let’s you enjoy your music while underwater
  • Designed to stay very comfortable on the ears
  • 100% waterproof
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Best Foldable Headphones Reviewed:

1. Ailihen Stereo Foldable Headphones

Best Foldable Headphones

Ailihen is one of the best portable headphones in terms of comfortable fit and sturdy design.  It comes with built-in microphone that has HD quality voice calls. This headphone is compatible with all blackberry system phones, IOS, and android phones. With its folding design, you can easily carry it wherever you are going.

It is designed with great noise canceling feature which keeps ambient noise away and lets you enjoy uninterrupted tunes.  Ailihen is one of the best foldable headphones designed with genuine protein leather for long lasting use.

Although their sound quality still need to be improved, the headphone has other great features which more than make up for its shortfalls. Overall, Ailihen is one of the least expensive foldable headphones you can get in the market.

Designed with high quality leather material for durability
Great noise cancelling feature
Adjustable and compact headband for comfortable fit
Compatible with many Bluetooth enabled devices
Comes with built-in microphone for making calls
Average quality power bass
Final Verdict:If you are on a tight budget but still in need of a properly functioning
      headphone with great features, Ailihen foldable headphone is an ideal option.
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2. AILIHEN I60 Low Bass Headphones

Waterproof Mp3 Player Earphone

If you are in the market for a top quality headphone but not looking to break the bank to acquire one, this Ailihen headphone is right for you.  It delivers unique sound performance designed for individuals who enjoy optimum sound quality.  Just like its sister model reviewed above, Ailihen I60 is very portable and comes with built-in microphone for convenient switch from music to calls. Sport lovers and other outdoor enthusiasts will surely love the convenient feature of the headphone.  This headphone shares similarities with the best foldable over ear headphones. Interestingly, it’s very affordable and deserves out mention here for being such a good value for money.

Designed to stay comfortable on the ears for a long time
Provides premium quality sound output
About 90% sound cancelling ability
Lightweight and portable design
Comes with adjustable headband for more convenience
Average build quality
Final Verdict:If you are looking for low cost travel headphones for your music listening
      pleasure, this Ailihen model is a great choice.
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3. Edifier H650 noise isolating Headphone

Swimbuds 8 GB SYRYN waterproof Headphones

Here is another affordable headphone with very good features.  As a portable headphone, it is specifically designed for those looking for more convenience. Edifier is an extremely durable headphone made with strong leather materials.

It’s also one of the best portable headphones when it comes to exceptional audio quality. One major factor to consider when looking for the best portable headphones is the audio output.

Interestingly, Edifier is built to provide high definition sound with no distorted sounds even in high volumes.  This is possible because of the neodymium magnet drivers used in the design of the headphone.

Edifier is a portable headphone
It comes with high quality drivers for superior sound output
Designed with strong leather material for durability
Comfortable fitting
The fit might be too tight for people with bigger heads
Final Verdict:Edifier H650 is surely one of the most affordable travel
      headphones in the market right now. Its quality is also comparable with other
      expensive foldable headphones.
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4. PowerLocus Wireless Foldable Headphones

Pyle PWPE10B Waterproof Bluetooth headphones

At $20, PowerLocus is probably the least expensive headphone you will ever see in the market. But the headphone’s affordability does not take anything away from its quality. It still shares similar features with most other premium quality collapsible headphones out there.

But one striking feature of this headphone is the 11 hours of continuous talking time and music listening pleasure. That’s surely one of the best deals you will get.  The headphone is also compatible with all 3.5 mm plug cable or Bluetooth enabled devices.

Also, its HD sound technology allows you comfortably listen to great tunes at high quality audio level. In fact, any aspect of the headphone you mention is a touch of innovation. Since the headphone works well with android and IOS devices, hands-free communication is very possible.

Very affordable
Deigned with HD sound technology
Fits comfortably on the ears
Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices
Lightweight and very durable
Low noise cancelling ability
Final Verdict:Although one of the most affordable foldable headphones, PowerLocus
      provides better value for money considering all its features.
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5. Riwbox IN5 Foldable Headphones

IP68 Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earbud

Music purist looking for the strongest bass sounds in a headphone will surely appreciate the bass quality of this one. It’s a professional quality headphone designed for sport enthusiasts and music lovers. Riwbox comes with soft elasticity earpads for great noise cancelling ability.

If you want a headphone that can completely keep out ambient noise while giving you only the music sounds you need, this headphone is equal to the task.  Some travel headphones don’t last more than a year because of the way they are designed.

But Riwbox is properly crafted with high quality materials to stand the test of time.  Wit its 3.5 mm jack cable and Bluetooth feature, the headphone is compatible with different types of devices. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from connecting devices.

Effective sound isolation ability Crystal clear audio Very strong bass output Comes with a deluxe carry case for portability and better storage It allows connections from several devices such as computers, tablets, and smart phones The brand offers free technical support They might fee uncomfortable after a prolonged use
Final Verdict:If you are interested in a nice, cost effective, and lightweight
      headphone, this model is surely recommended.
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6. Bluelark Foldable Over Ear Headphones

Waterfi Waterproof swimming Headphones

Bluelack is a well designed headphone that combines durability, affordability, and superior sound quality.  Although the brand is relatively new in the market, it has been well constructed to provide high definition sound while isolating external noise in the environment.

Bluelack is designed with soft eardcup material which makes it very comfortable on the ears, even on an extended use. One major problem most people have with some headphones is the discomfort they get when they wear these headphones for a long time.

But Bluelack comes with a soft foam material in the earcup for better comfort.  Its crystal clear sounds make sure you enjoy the best quality sound from your favorite music genres.  There are certainly many reasons to settle for this model when looking for the best foldable over ear headphones.

Lightweight and ergonomic design
Exceptional sound quality
Foldable features for portability and better storage
Easily connects with different types of devices
Provides good noise isolation
Isolates noise but does not cancel noise as advertised
Final Verdict:Bluelark is one of the few travel headphones with great sound output
      and comfortable fit.  It is therefore highly recommended.
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Best Foldable Headphones Buying Guide

Headphones come in different styles, designs, features, and price ranges.  While some are designed for effective noise cancelling, others are designed for better comfort and ease of use. Foldable headphones are made for better convenience.

When selecting the right type of foldable headphone, you need to consider a lot of factors, such as cost, noise isolation feature, weight, comfort, durability, battery strength, and compatibility. Below is a buying guide to the best portable headphones.

Sound isolation or noise cancellation

These two features are used interchangeably by a lot of people, but they are really different. When we talk about sound isolation, the headphone is designed with a padded material to keep external sounds out. They do this by improving the physical design of the earphone.

Noise cancellation on the other hand is a design on some headphones where tiny microphones are used to pick out external sounds. The headphone then cancels out the external sound based on wave properties and physics.  Although the two features try to achieve the same thing, active noise cancellation cancels noise better. So if your priority in the best collapsible headphones is noise cancellation, you need to settle for headphones that provide active noise cancellation.

So if your priority in the best collapsible headphones is noise cancellation, you need to settle for headphones that provide active noise cancellation.

Wire or wireless

Most new foldable over ear headphones are wireless and come with Bluetooth connection. With a wireless headphone, you don’t need to worry about getting wires entangled while exercising. Moreover, the Bluetooth feature gives you fast connecting options to most Bluetooth enabled devices.

Battery strength

The strength of the battery adds to the headphone’s overall quality. When buying the best portable headphones, it’s important to select a product with long lasting battery. Since you may be using the headphones outdoors, you need to get a model with strong battery.

Water resistant feature

This consideration will depend on where you want to use the headphone. If you need them for workouts for outdoor use, it’s important to select one with water resistant or sweat resistant feature.  Usually, workout headphones are designed or coated with water resistant materials to keep them safe. Although most headphones meant for fitness are resistant to sweat, you still need to check to be sure.

Integrated microphone

Some collapsible headphones are designed with mics on the wire and control modules to help you easily switch between calls and music without pulling out your phone. If you workout at the gym, you are going to need a headphone with integrated feature. This will help you easily answer calls without struggling with your phone. Always find out what types of controls are available on a headphone to see whether they match your needs.


Collapsible Headphones or travel headphones come in different prices with different features.   The more expensive ones usually have more features and are designed with better quality materials. However, the fact that a headphone is expensive does not guarantee its quality. And there are some very affordable models with high quality design and great features too. You just have to look at their features and see what features bets meet your needs.


This is where the best foldable headphones stand at an advantage. Their design makes them comfortable and convenient. Some collapsible headphones are lightweight and more convenient. If you intend wearing these for a long time, it’s important to select a headphone with minimal weight and comfortable padding around the earbud.  This will keep your ears comfortable even after having the headphone for a long time.

Finally, read Reviews

If you are a new entrant to the world of foldable over ear headphones, one way of ensuring you don’t make a mistake in your buying decision is by looking at reviews.  Reading reviews from genuine customers and reviews like this one will help you understand which product is best for you.  You will know the products positive sides and negative sides. Reviews will provide an opportunity to critically appraise the headphone by looking at what customers have praised about the headphone and what they have condemned. This will surely help you select

Reviews will provide an opportunity to critically appraise the headphone by looking at what customers have praised about the headphone and what they have condemned. This will surely help you select the most ideal one for your need.


We have seen the best foldable headphones in the industry based on their overall features. If you are looking to buy the right one for your need, this review has screened several options and come up with the very best in the industry. Surely with all these information available at your fingertips, you are definitely going to make the right buying decision.