Maybe you find yourself on a deserted island with nowhere to plug in your laptop, or you are in a hospital room where all the outlets available are used for equipment that is keeping you alive, or maybe you just happen to have forgotten your laptop charger at home.

All we know is that everyone becomes frustrated when their laptop battery is taking a dive. So why not make your laptop battery last longer and be able to save your work before your laptop shuts down, or still have time to finish that conversation you were having?

Extend laptop battery life

Here are some things you can do in order to make your laptop battery last longer and also to extend your laptop battery life:

  1. Keep your laptop cool – The cooler your laptop stays, the longer the battery is going to last, overheating causing your laptop to run with less efficiency. To keep it cool, make sure the air vents aren’t blocked and that the cooler is still spinning as it should. There are also accessories on the market you can buy that may help your laptop to stay cool.
  2. Dim the display – The display of the laptop takes a lot of power to light up and to stay lit. Try dimming it if you run on your battery rather than keeping it to the highest level. A bigger display will also drain more power.
  3. Optimize the power options – To get some extra juice from your laptop battery you can also go to “Power options” in “Control Panel” and select the most effective power plan.
  4. Keep the contacts of your battery clean – Cleaning the contacts of your battery once every couple of months with a cloth and some alcohol will improve the transfer of energy from the battery to the laptop.
  5. Give your battery some time-off – If you plan to run your laptop plugged in for a week or more, remove the battery first. If you leave it in you will wear out the battery by constantly charging and discharging it, at a time you don’t even need to use it.
  6. Don’t run it dry – Older laptop batteries had to be formatted meaning fully charged and discharged for a better lifespan. This is not the case with the new generation lithium-ion batteries. Squeezing the last drop in your battery will strain and weaken in if this becomes a habit.
  7. Close unwanted applications – Close all the applications running in the background that you don’t need. They will work out your CPU and memory and this translates into more energy consumption and reduced battery life.
  8. Try using more RAM – Do this only if you use applications that need a lot of memory, This results in more processing power rather than relying on virtual memory, that spins up your hard drive, consuming more energy.
  9. Watch out at external device – if you have devices plugged in your laptop try reducing their number to the only ones you need. Even your mouse uses power to operate, so if you need more power, try using the touch pad of your laptop instead.
  10. Hibernate vs. Standby – Try using hibernate instead of standby while running on battery. Hibernate shuts down the computer entirely, saving much more power than putting your laptop in standby and also resumes from where you left off.
  11. Remove media from your drive – Cd’s, DVDs and Blu-ray’s, even while not in use, keep spinning and seeking, consuming power from your battery.
  12. Bluetooth and wireless – Stop the bluetooth and wireless network if you do’n’t use them. This will get you a longer runtime.
  13. Change the battery – Upgrade your laptop and the runtime by buying a better laptop battery for the model you own.
  14. External laptop battery – There are external laptop batteries that connect to your laptop;s DC-in port and make for a longer runtime.

As a conclusion, your laptop runtime depends mainly on the size of the battery, the size of the display and the applications you run.