The Logitech Proteus Spectrum is arguably one of the most anticipated peripherals from Logitech. Building on the success of the Logitech G502 Proteus Core, the Spectrum version has been updated to glow in 16.8 million different colors. In time, the G502 Proteus Spectrum will replace the G502 Proteus Core as Logitech’s flagship wired gaming mouse.

The G502 Proteus Spectrum still has the aggressive angles and sharp lines reminiscent of a jet fighter from 2070. Its surface texture smoothly transitions from matte plastic into the hard rubber side grips. The numerous side buttons inconspicuously blend into the chassis for a seamless look.

This design is as functional as it is cool. The thumb rest on the right side does a good job of keeping your thumb off of the mousepad. The rubber grips on the left and right flanks feel exceptionally comfortable as well. The G502 Proteus Spectrum also has mouse feet for days—there are Teflon gliders in the front, back, middle, and sides of the base.mouse
Being Logitech’s flagship mouse, it’s no surprise that the G502 Spectrum has fantastic build quality. With details like the metal scroll wheel, thick braided cable, and a polished chassis, the mouse is built to last. The buttons feel tactile and responsive and equally resilient with a life cycle of up to 20 million clicks.

Despite being 2.95 inches in length, the G502 Proteus Spectrum is friendlier to claw grip and fingertip grip users. The reason being that in palm grip, the user’s thumb rests right over the thumb button, which make it prone to misclicks.

The mouse weighs in at 4.3 ounces, but this is configurable by the user. The G502 Proteus Spectrum comes with a set of extra weights that can be inserted to its base once its magnetic cover is removed. The weights are 36g apiece and V-shaped (for victory!). Users can use them to increase the weight of the mouse as well as to shift the balance point by distributing them unevenly to the front or rear. We chose to add two pieces to the center of the mouse for a heavier, but still balanced feel. tunable-gaming-mouse

While we’re glad to see both infinity scrolling and notched scrolling on the scroll wheel, its notched mode is incredibly loud. If you’re going to be gaming when your roommate is studying, this could technically constitute as a noise complaint. In the infinity mode the scrolling is virtually silent, but is also more difficult to control. We initially had some concerns over whether the metallic wheel would become too slippery for sweaty fingers, but that concern was quickly laid to rest as the ridges on the wheel kept it very grippy.

Logitech installed the most bad-ass sensor it could find into the G502 Proteus Spectrum—its Pixart PMW3366 optical sensor is hailed by many as one of the best currently on the market. Logitech also flashed it with its G Delta Zero image correction algorithm to minimize acceleration.

The result is a buttery-smooth tracking experience. We didn’t feel any acceleration or angle snapping. Movement was responsive and accurate. There were some small but noticeable jitters in small movements at DPI settings beyond 9,000, but I highly doubt that anyone would be playing at that range. While there’s no setting to change it, lift distance is very low. tunable-gaming-mouse

The G502 Proteus Spectrum features a condensed yet organized button layout optimized for lightning-quick access. The two buttons next to the left mouse button add extra functionality without being intrusive. There’s also a thumb button in front of the thumb rest that’s set to temporarily decrease the DPI by default. We find this to be a great asset when sniping in first-person shooters and making small adjustments in Photoshop. As useful as it is, gamers with larger hands may accidentally hit it if they slide their hand forward.

Razer Ouroboros – Wired / Wireless Gaming Mouse

Fully Customizable Ambidextrous Ergonomics

From an adjustable arched palm rest, to a retractable back, as well as four interchangeable side panels, the Razer Ouroboros is fully customizable to your personal needs. It fits perfectly with any hand length, shape and grip-style – maximize your comfort and reduce fatigue over extended play.

8200dpi 4G Laser Sensor

The Razer Ouroboros is outfitted with the most advanced and configurable sensor yet, the all-new 8200dpi 4G laser sensor.  It tracks so precisely, you always hit targets exactly where you need to.  It can also be calibrated to your specific surface, and has adjustable cut-off to lift-off tracking, empowering you with more control than ever.

Dual gaming-grade wired/wireless technology

Are you ready to take your gaming further than before, cord-free? As Razer is the pioneer of the world’s first gaming-grade wireless tech, you can be assured the Razer Ouroboros performs as well cordless as it does corded. With a 1ms response rate, your command is executed first even if you and your opponent react at exactly the same time.

When the battery depletes in the Razer Ouroboros, just plug in the USB cable so you can keep gaming while it recharges, for zero downtime.

Dedicated DPI Clutch-Trigger

Stay on top of the competition and adapt to the situation with the Razer Ouroboros’ dedicated DPI clutch-trigger. Hold it down to temporarily increase/decrease the mouse’s DPI so you can get the exact sensitivity you need for the moment in-game.

For instance, when you switch to a sniper to take out a target far away, use the clutch to slow your DPI down, and once the enemy has been dispatched with precision, release the clutch to return to your usual lightning fast assault mode.

Powered by a single AA battery

Game for longer cordless when the Razer Ouroboros is conveniently powered by a single AA battery with up to 12 hours of continuous gaming. The supplied NiMH battery is rechargeable, so you can plug in the USB cord or place it on the dock to get it back up to full juice when depleted. Or, just hot-swap with any ordinary AA alkaline battery so you can keep going like a beast.

Razer Synapse 2.0

Razer brings your gaming into the next-generation with online cloud support. Save your Razer Ouroboros’ custom profiles (as many as you can make, read: unlimited) and sync them from anywhere in the world through our cloud system. Automatically download driver and firmware updates with ease.

It also is your one-stop destination to fine-tune your mouse to perfection, everything from lift-off tracking, to surface calibration, to enabling inter-device communication – any and every possible feature to tweak, is yours to play with. The Razer Ouroboros is the best gaming mouse with ultimate customization.

Learn more about Razer Synapse 2.0 and its various capabilities here.

A really comfortable mouse makes you a happy gamer

Take it from us, you want to be able to put your hand on the best gaming mouse and feel good, from the first second, to the tenth hour of gaming.

That’s why the Razer Ouroboros was conceived as an ambidextrous mouse. It works well for both left- and right-handed users. Also, whether you’re a claw grip, palm grip or fingertip user, this mouse caters to all grip styles. Just adjust the arch on the palm rest, extend or retract the back, and add in the side rests accordingly.

By providing you with additional ergonomic customizations, the mouse instantly becomes yours.