There are monitors specifically designed for gamers who want faster response times and better performance when enjoying their favorite games. These monitors are of different sizes, design, and specification. A monitor is an important investment, and it’s proper to look at different options before taking the final buying decision.

If you are on a tight budget and still want to buy a high-quality monitor, your research may be a bit tricky because there are several brands and models available. But you don’t have to bother, because we have done the research for you. This comprehensive review provides information on the best gaming monitor under 200. They all come with innovative features that will make your gaming activity a worthwhile experience.

Top 9 Gaming Monitor Review

10 Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 Review:

1. ASUS 23-inch HD Wide-Screen Gaming Monitor

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ASUS features an elegant design ideal for stylish individuals. It’s one of the good gaming monitors you will love to have if you’re a classy person. ASUS feature include high visual quality, stereo speakers, eye care technology for the reduction of eye fatigue, and 3-year product warranty. Where less quality monitors may show motion blur, delay, and screen judder, this best gaming monitor under $200 provides smooth playback on games, movies, and videos. With a quick 1ms response time, a minimal input lag, and ASUS trace technology design, you will have all you need to give yourself an exciting gaming experience.

Despite its low cost, there are great features that make this monitor one of the best options you have while looking for the best gaming monitor under $200. Another feature you will love about this monitor is the video intelligence that optimizes image and video performance by enhancing the sharpness, contrast, and color of the screen.


  • Comes with ASUS contrast ratio for sharper color and contrast
  • Designed with VGA and HDMI input ports
  • Quite affordable despite its alluring features
  • Comes with a wide range of multimedia options


  • It adjusts only the viewing angle but not the height

Final verdict: If you are looking for a very portable and durable monitor to give you the best gaming experience, this monitor should be seriously considered.

2. SCEPTRE 27″ Curved LED Monitor

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With 4.0 out of 5 point ratings from Amazon customers, there are definitely reasons why SCEPTRE 27” monitor is highly rated. Sceptre sells for under $200 (the actual price is $159) but it is solidly designed to give you more than a run for your money. It’s one of the best 27 inch gaming monitors you will see with a wide range of usability features for speakers, VGA, displayport and HDMI.

With an adjustable vertical view angle of 178 degrees and horizontal angle of 178 degrees, you will have the freedom to use your monitor the way you like. Other great features of this monitor include quick response time of 5ms, curved immersive curvature, and windows 10 feature. Moreover, SCEPTRE has a customized speaker that delivers ultra high sound output for best gaming experience.


  • Its VESA wall mount style makes it easy to set up
  • Comes with built-in speakers for high performance audio
  • Compatible with windows 10
  • Comes with industry leading 1800 screen technology
  • Provides revolutionary viewing experience


  • The sound quality is a bit low

Final verdict: SPECTRE is the best gaming monitor under 200. If you want good gaming monitors but don’t want to break the bank to buy one, this model will be a great option.

3. HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch VGA Monitor

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Most people usually associate HP pavilion with laptops and palmtops. The company has actually utilized their competitive advantage in the laptop industry to provide the best gaming monitor when it comes to cost and overall quality. At a small price of $99, you’ll be amazed at the features of the monitor. You don’t need to be a specialist to realize the quality of this monitor. It oozes quality in all areas.

This best gaming monitor under 200 comes with environmentally friendly features such as arsenic-free monitor glass and a LED backlighting that is free of mercury. It’s also compatible with different types of electronics as it comes with HDCP, HDMI, and VGA connections. Overall, the monitor is solidly designed and is one of the good gaming monitors you can have for the money.


  • It has a quick response time of 7ms
  • The monitor has 2 million pixels for high quality image and clear visuals
  • Sleek design that comfortably fits anywhere
  • Comes with different port connections for more connecting options


  • The screen brings out faint lines after some months of use

Final verdict: HP Pavilion is one of the good gaming monitors you can get if you are short on cash but still want something very okay for your gaming pleasure.

4. BenQ ZOWIE Gaming Monitor

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This 14 inch monitor has all the features to give you the perfect gaming experience you crave for. It gets 4.5 of 5 stars out of more than 200 verified purchase users on Amazon. It’s not a surprise because it is well designed with portable features. But the most alluring feature of this best gaming monitor under 200 is the 1ms response time (one of the fastest you will ever see). BenQ has different connecting features such as D-Sub, DVI-D, and Dual HDMI. If you are looking for good gaming monitors for your gaming pleasure, BenQ is up there as one of the best.


  • Quick response time of 1ms
  • Extremely clear visuals for the best gaming experience
  • Comes with FPS and RTS optimized display modes
  • Its dim blue light lessens eye strain


  • Not the best when it comes to color accuracy

Final Verdict: BenQ is one of the good gaming monitors you can get for the best gaming experience in terms of sound output and visual clarity.

5. Samsung S27E330 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

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Samsung is a renowned name in the electronics industry. You should expect their products to come with the highest quality. This model is not an exception in that regard. It comes with a price tag of $179, but has the quality and features of the premium models in the market. It has 1ms response time, eye care safety features, and adjustable screen for better picture quality. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 200, this Samsung model will be great for you.


  • Very affordable and durable design
  • Sleek construction that can fit anywhere
  • Comes with different connecting ports
  • Quick response time


  • Doesn’t come with printed setup instructions

Final Verdict: Samsung 27-inch monitor is the best deal when it comes to good gaming monitors for the perfect viewing experience. It’s therefore highly recommended for game lovers.

6. Sceptre E 24″ LED Monitor

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This is quite similar to the 27-inch version reviewed above, but a bit thinner and sleeker in design. It’s meant for those with portability in mind when looking for the best gaming monitor under 200. At just under $110, you will be a proud owner of this monitor that has amazing features. One of its strongest points is the ultra-slim design that allows you easily mount it anywhere in your home.

Another good thing about the monitor is its windows 10 compatibility feature. The only noticeable bad side about the monitor is the fact that it’s lacking a bit in terms of color accuracy. Apart from that, this is one of the good gaming monitors you can buy for the money.


  • Compatible with windows 10
  • Ultra slim for better comfort
  • Comes with VGA and HDMI connectors
  • Its dark blue light prevents, strains, irritation, and eye fatigue


  • Color accuracy is a little bit substandard

Final Verdict: Most good gaming monitors give you the opportunity to enjoy your games to the fullest with the best sounds and visuals. That’s exactly what you will get with this monitor.

7. BenQ GL2760H 27-inch Monitor

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This is another excellent product from the BenQ brand of good gaming monitors. BenQ GL2760H is arguably one of the best 27 inch gaming monitors in the market right now. It’s very popular among game lovers who know an excellent gaming monitor when they see one. Although it’s very affordable, the monitor comes with alluring features you will find only in the best gaming monitors. This BenQ model has a rapid response time of 2ms, which is quite ideal for daily use in entertainment, work, and gaming. Other features of the monitor include multi connectivity options (headphone hack, HDMI, DVI, and D-sub), dim blue light technology (for lesser strain of the eyes), and 3-year product warranty.


  • Quicker refresh rates and faster response time
  • Designed with eye safety features
  • Slim design for easy mount
  • Comes with instructions for ease of use


  • Noticeable color distortion

Final Verdict: If you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 200, the BenQ 27-inch monitor is one of the best you can get for its overall quality.

8. Acer 23.8-Inch Widescreen Monitor

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Acer is another popular name when it comes to monitor screens and laptops. This Acer monitor in particular is one of the good gaming monitors you can get in the market. It oozes quality in all areas an entertainer or a gamer will find valuable. From the design to the picture quality down to its speed, there are certainly many features that will give you joy when you purchase this best gaming monitor under 200. It’s sold for just $180. However, its quality and features far outweighs the monitor’s price tag. Its sharp display technology makes every picture and image crystal clear from all angles. The monitor also supports HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs which mean you can easily enjoy it from your tablet or smartphone on HD display. If you are looking for good gaming monitors, you will make a great choice if you purchase this.


  • Designed for crystal clear view
  • Comes with zero frame design
  • Full HD IPS display and ergonomic tilt
  • Bright colors at different angles


  • It doesn’t come with a built-in mount

Final Verdict: If you are in the market for the best gaming monitor under 200 for your gaming and entertainment pleasure, this Acer model will definitely be a great choice for you.

9. LG Electronics 25-Inch Screen Monitor

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LG 25-inch monitor comes with all the features to give you the best gaming experience. If you are in need of a monitor with immersive and panoramic multi-tasking ability, you may not see a well suitable monitor as this. It is designed with high quality IPS panel screen and comes with 4-screen split, black stabilizer, dynamic action sync, full HD (ultrawide). This is one of the good gaming monitors with top class features that will give you the best gaming experience. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 200 for your gaming pleasure, this LG 25-inch monitor will be a great investment.


  • Sleek design with easily mountable features
  • Sharp picture quality
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with dynamic action sync
  • Comes with ultrawide HD features


  • It comes with just two HDMI inputs

Final Verdict: For those looking for a budget friendly monitor for their gaming and entertainment needs, this monitor is highly recommended.

10. Acer 21.5 -Inch Screen LED Monitor

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With more than 4,500 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5 on Amazon, this is arguably the most popular monitor in the market today. Unlike other monitors that produce faint marks on the screen, it’s solidly designed to stand the test of time. Acer is surely one of the good gaming monitors you can have if you are on a limited budget but still want a high quality gaming monitor.

It is designed for HD viewing with high quality visual display. It also comes with multiple inputs, stunning 1920×1080 resolution, and quick response time of 5ms. There are several other qualities that make this Acer LED monitor stand out among several other options in the market.


  • Great features but very affordable
  • Excellent screen resolution
  • Comes with IPS display for great entertainment
  • Excellent visual quality
  • It comes with several input options for various devices


  • The stand is a bit flimsy and not solidly designed
  • Does not come with vesa mounts

Final Verdict: Acer 21-inch LED monitor has its own flaws just like other good gaming monitors. But it’s overall benefits far outweigh the bad sides, and it’s absolutely a good value for money.

How to Choose the Right Monitor for Gaming

There are different prices, sizes, and flairs of good gaming monitors. Before selecting the best gaming monitor under 200, you need to look at different factors to see which one best meets your needs. What are those factors you need to consider before deciding on the most ideal gaming monitor for you? Let’s find out.

  • Screen resolution

Generally there are 3 major types of display resolutions for good gaming monitors. These include 2160p, 1440p, and 1080p. Each of these has its own benefits and shortfalls, based on individual preference. Higher display resolution monitors usually have higher image clarity and visual details. But one problem with them (especially with UHD and QHD resolutions) are limitations on hardware. So, before making up your mind on the best gaming monitor under 200 to buy, consider choosing between visual quality and better performance.

  • The best Refresh Rate

The refresh rates of good gaming monitors are measured in Hz. This tells you the number of times the monitor will be able to refresh the image for every second. There are 240Hz, 144Hz, and 60Hz refresh seconds, and a single monitor cannot have more than one. It’s always better to choose a monitor with low refresh seconds for better performance when gaming. The best 144hz gaming monitors have better performance than most monitors with other types of refresh rates.

  • Consider the panel technology

Most good gaming monitors rely on either IPs or TN panel technology. Without delving too much into the technical details of these two, it’s important to point out that good gaming monitors with IPs panel technology provide better overall visual quality. With this feature, you will get better viewing angles and precise color reproduction. So, this feature will be more important to you if the monitor is going to be used mainly for gaming.

  • Response Time

Usually, monitors with lower response time (in milliseconds) have better visual quality. However, those with higher response time tend to make motions a bit blurry. The feature you select (whether higher or lower) will depend on what you prefer more (whether visual quality or responsiveness).

  • Cost consideration

There are different prizes of gaming monitor, and most of the times the prizes depend on their design and features. Some good gaming monitors have almost all the features mentioned here while others provide these features in limited level. Before selecting the best gaming monitor under 200, don’t consider only the price. Instead, look at the overall features and the customer ratings of the monitor to give you an insight into its overall quality.

Frequency Asked Question About Gaming Monitor

What Size Gaming Monitor Should I Get?

There are different sizes of good gaming monitors. But basically, the most common are 21, 24, and 27 inches. These sizes are perfect for viewing comfort and visual clarity. But if you’ll love to view the monitor from a distance, you’ll need to go for a monitor with bigger screen. Since your games will be played at a close distance, it’s more ideal to settle for 21 and 24 inches size monitors.

This is best for visuals when gaming and for protecting your eye against fatigue or strains. The only time you should consider bigger gaming monitors is if the monitor will serve other entertainment purposes apart from gaming.

How many Hz for Gaming Monitor?

The Hz of a monitor, or what is generally referred as refreshed rate, is the speed at which the image of the monitor changes. Slower refresh rates take lesser time to update per second than faster refresh rates. The number of changes is recorded and measured per second in Hz. Usually, different applications have varying degrees of Hz needed for optimum performance. But gaming monitors need to have faster refresh rates of about 240Hz to maximum performance and great experience.

One of the reasons why faster refresh rates are preferred for gaming is the need for the monitor to allow for quick changes in line with the rapid movement of the player. If you play competitive and fast-paced games, your gaming monitor should have faster refresh rates to allow for swift movements and quick changes of graphics. On a moderate level it’s great to have one of the best 144hz gaming monitors because they combine speed and performance.

How much is a BENQ gaming monitor?

BenQ is one of the good gaming monitors you can find in the market today. It comes in different sizes and specification to meet the needs of different gamers. So, whether you are just starting out and looking for a moderately priced monitor or you are looking for the high end models for professionals, BenQ has the right monitor for your needs.

Their monitor prices range from $120 (which is surely the cheapest) to about $300 (the high end models). Some models of BenQ monitors include BenQ Zowie 27’’($220), BenQ Zowie 24’’($169), and BenQ GL2760H 27’’ Full HD LED Monitor($189).


Getting the best monitor for gaming can enhance your gaming experience by a mile. Picture quality, graphics, and sounds are some of the most important aspects for a gamer, and you need to have a good monitor to enjoy all these features.

Although they are very affordable, the gaming monitors reviewed above all have the qualities any gaming enthusiast will love. If you are looking to by the most ideal gaming monitor for your maximum entertainment, you can pick the perfect one for you from these highly rated gaming monitors.