There are a lot of wifi receiver for PC or wireless adapter in the market. This may perhaps due to the fact that we will need a wifi adapter for PC in a lot of cases. However, this may create a problem if you are looking for one of the wireless network adapters for your computer since there are just too many types for you to choose from. Therefore, here is a review of wifi card for PC and I am sure that they will suit you in most of the cases.

Best Wireless Network Adapter Compared

Best Wireless Network Adapter Reviewed

1. ANEWKODI 600Mbps USB Wifi Adapter

This wifi adapter for PC has an external powerful antenna, and therefore you will be able to successfully connect to a stable network even if the signals are very weak. This is not the only feature, and the connection will be of high speed. There is up to 600Mbps Wi-Fi speed on the 5GHz or 2.4 GHz bands. This high performance will come in handy and also it will be able to help you reduce freezing and lagging when you are undergoing heavy activity like streaming and gaming. You also do not need to worry about installing this wifi receiver for PC since the plug and play mode of installation is very easy and simple to follow.

There is an external powerful antenna for excellent connection
High speed connection
High compatibility since this wifi adaptor for PC works with all kind of router
This wifi adapter can only work with Linux
Final Verdict: In general, I believe that this is a very nice wireless adapter and therefore
       I will recommend you to purchase this wifi card for PC. The external powerful antenna
       is definitely an important feature for this item since it guarantees that the strength
       of the connection will be strong. This will save you a lot of potential trouble. The
      high speed of the wifi adaptor for PC is also another reason this is a nice product for you
       to try.
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2. Wsky Wireless USB Wifi Adapter

This wifi receiver for PC is also equipped with an external powerful wifi antenna so that you will not need to worry about the strength of the connection. This wifi adapter can work with any wifi router since it uses the AC600 AC wireless adapter, and therefore you can upgrade your PC, laptop or even Macbook to work with the latest AC Wifi router. This product comes with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee since they specialize in the best products and service. If you are interested, you can also contact the manufacturer for any pre-sale or after-sale services if you want any of them.

The manufacturer promises to provide pre-sale and after-sale services for you
Strong connection
Easy to install
Sometimes the LED will become too hot to touch
Final Verdict: This is an excellent wifi adapter for PC due to all of the features mentioned
       above. The manufacturer clearly knows that the focus is not only on the product itself,
       but also on the pre-sale services as well as follow up services after the sale. Therefore,
       we can clearly predict that you will be having a good experience if you are relying on this
       wifi receiver for PC.
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3. TP-Link N900 Wireless Adapter

This wireless network adapter enables your desktop computers to connect to a high speed and wireless network. The speed of the connection can be up to 450Mbps at 2.4 GHz. If you want to purchase this wifi card for PC, it is suggested that you should upgrade the router to the latest version of utility and firmware to support even more printers. The installation of this wireless adapter is very easy, while there are three external antennas so that the connection will be stronger and more stable. This wifi receiver for PC is compatible with all 802.11a/b/g/n products and it can support windows and vista. On top of that, you will get a 2-year warranty as well as an unlimited 24/7 technical support.

Unlimited technical support at any time
Quick and easy installation
This wifi adapter is highly compatible
This wireless network adaptor is relatively expensive
Final Verdict: I will highly recommend this wifi adapter for PC for all of you due to all of
      the distinctive features. The unique feature for this product is the 24/7 unlimited technical
       support. Although in general the installation of a wireless adapter is not difficult at all,
       sometimes you may still require some assistance, and the support from the manufacturer
       will help you with that. The high compatibility of the wifi card for PC also means that you
      will be able to suit this product with a lot of computer systems.
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4. TP-Link N150 Wireless Nano USB Adapter

This is another wireless network adapter manufactured by TP-Link and it is a USB wifi adapter, which means that you can connect PCs as well as laptops to wifi network using USB. The speed of the wifi adapter can be up to 150 Mbps and this high speed ensure that when you are downloading or watching videos, you will not experience any lagging problem. Another special feature for this product is that the size is very small, so you can bring it to other places easily, and that it is not too bulky as to disturb your work after you plug in.

USB wifi adapter
The speed of the network is quick
Advanced security
Since it is too small, some customers reflect that they
      lost it most of the time
Final Verdict: This is a functional and nice small wifi adapter for different purposes. The
       advanced security function is perhaps a unique and special feature for this product. Due
       to the WPA or WPA2 encryption, you will be happy to know that there is even less risk that
      the data of your computer will leak. If you are looking for wireless network adapter
       with extra security, then this will be the suitable one. Also, the price of this small adapter
       is very cheap, as it is sold at less than $10 due to the sale right now. Therefore, I will highly
       recommend this wifi adapter for PC for you.
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5. USBNOVEL 2.4G/5G  Wifi Dongle Network Card

This is an innovative wifi receiver for PC using the newest and most powerful wifi technology, which means that it will be 3 times faster than wireless N speeds. This wifi adapter for PC works with any wifi routers by using AC600 wireless adapter and you can upgrade your device to work with the latest AC wifi router for faster speed and extended range. The high-speed wireless adapter means that the speed will be ideal for online gaming and seamless HD video streaming. This product goes with an 18-month warranty. Within this period, the manufacturer will refund you the full amount of money if the wifi adapter is broken.

High speed wireless connection
It works with any wifi routers
Due to the small size, you may easily lose the adapter
Final Verdict: This wireless adapter should be highly recommended. The size of this
      wifi adapter is very small it would be the best if you need a small and portable wifi
      adapter for PC. Since the adapter works with any wifi routers so you can expect that
      the wireless adapter will be widely used. The 18-month warranty also shows clearly
      that the manufacturer is confident of the durability of the product, and in most of the
      case it will not easily break.
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6. Rosewill Wifi Adapter

The manufacturer claims that this is the next and fastest generation of wifi, and this wifi card for PC is compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n and Dual Band connectivity. The speed of the connection can be up to 867Mbps + 400Mbps. You can instantly upgrade your computer with a fast and reliable wireless connection, and all you will get is, stable connection for streaming and even gaming. This wifi adapter also makes use of MIMO technology, which is another reason that there will be stronger and more reliable connections for this wifi receiver for PC.

Strong and reliable network ensured by making use of MIMO technology
High speed connection
Compatible with a lot of wifi router
The price for this wireless adapter is quite high
Final Verdict: As you can see above, this wifi receiver for PC makes use of a lot of
      modern and advanced technology like the MIMO technology, and therefore in general
      the quality of this product will be better. Indeed, the speed of the connection of wifi will
      be better, and the connection will be stronger and more reliable. Therefore, if you are
      looking for a wireless network adapter for gaming or streaming, or watching videos,
      then perhaps this will be a wifi adapter for you. Although the price is higher, I think that
      it is justified with the higher quality.
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7. TP-Link !C1900 WiFi Network Card

If you are using this wifi card for PC, you will be able to enjoy a blazing wifi speed of up to 1900Mbps. The speed is considered to be very nice. Also, regarding the installation of this wifi receiver for PC, you will not need to worry about it since you can just upgrade your desktop system very easily by plugging the archer into an available PCIE slot. If you are still experiencing some troubles, there is technical support at any time you need, so you can rest assured that you will be able to work with this wifi card for PC. The system support is windows 10.

You will find it very easy to install this wifi adapter
There is unlimited technical support at any time
The price of this wireless network adapter is very high
Final Verdict: For a lot of people and users, one main concern is that they do not
      know how to deal with the system support or the installation process, or that they
      are having some troubles when they are upgrading the system. In this case, they
      will need to find one wifi adapter that will offer then technical support regarding these
      issues. Apart from that, the speed of the wifi card for PC is high so that if you are
      going to stream or watch long videos, you will not need to worry about the issue
      of lagging if you are using this.
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8. Linksys AE1200 Wireless-N USB Adapter

This wireless network adapter supports both Microsoft Windows 7, XP as well as Vista so the system of your computer will not be an issue for you to worry about. Regarding the connection of the network, you should be happy to know that the connection is of high speed so the wireless transfer rates are also high. The speed can be up to 300 Mbps. Therefore, the manufacturer claims that it will be ideal for using this wireless network connector to connect anywhere in your home and getting connected to Wi-Fi hotspots. An additional feature for this wifi adapter is that there is an extended range with multiple antennas.

The wifi receiver for PC supports Microsoft Windows 7 and Visa
High speed connection is provided
Extended range of coverage
No warranty
Final Verdict: This is a very promising wireless adapter. The price of this is under $20
      so you should not expect any luxury features. If we are considering only the basic and
      essential features for this wifi adapter for PC, I will say that all of the required features
      are here and they are all functional. Since the range of this wireless adapter is extended
      by external antennas, you can use this wireless network adapter at home or in your
      workplace where you will need the connection for a large area.
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Buying Considerations of Wireless Network Adapter

So, there is 8 excellent wifi receiver for PC reviewed above, and you will notice very quickly that there are just a lot for you to look into. Indeed, there are different features for a wireless adapter, and all of them are very important. I know that most of you will want to know more about how to make the right decision as to the purchase of the wifi adapter. Therefore, here is a buying consideration for you.

Connection Speed

The first issue that you should look into is the speed of the connection. From the list above, I will say that if the wifi adapter can offer you with a connection speed of around 300 Mbps or even higher, then in most of the case it would be enough. It is not difficult to see why the speed of the connection is so important. If you are watching a video and right in the middle of it the video lags, then you will be very frustrated, right? Therefore, this is an important issue.

Further, you should take into account what you are doing with the network and how many people are connecting to it at the same time, since this will also affect the connection speed. For example, if you are playing online games or watching long videos online, like on YouTube, then you should look for the wireless network adapter with a higher rate of connection speed. Also, if you expect that there will be a lot of people sharing the wifi, then perhaps you should also expect that the connection speed will be the main concern for you.


On the other hand, if you are just using the connection to browse some random web pages or if you are rarely using the connection to watch videos and play games, then perhaps you can opt for a wifi receiver for PC with lower speed rating to save more money

System Support

You should take a look at the system support of the wifi card for PC that you are using. This is a very technical point, but can potentially be fatal. If the wifi adapter for PC you purchase cannot support the computer system that your computer is using, then the short answer is that you will be wasting your money since you will not be able to rely on the wifi card you purchased on that computer. Therefore, the approach that you should take to tackle this issue is that you should take a look at the computer system of your computer, whether it is Microsoft Windows, or Vista or other else.

However, you may be interested to know that most of the wireless adapter in the market nowadays support most of the systems of computers. Therefore, if you are using one of the mainstream supporting systems for your computer, then this may not be that of a serious issue.


From the review above, when you are installing your wireless adapter, you will need to upgrade your computer system so that you will be able to receive a higher speed connection, and the connection will be stronger and more reliable. You should make sure that you know how to install such system, and that you know how to do the upgrade. Otherwise, you will not be able to realize the full benefit of the wifi card for PC.

Warranty and Technical Support

Another issue that you may need to pay attention is the period of warranty, or even whether or not there is warranty. Warranty is closely associated with the issue of durability. For a lot of you, I am sure that when you are purchasing a wifi receiver for PC, you are thinking of using it for at least some years. After all, a wifi card for PC is a long-term item, and no one will expect it to be broken after just some time.

If this is the case, then you will need to make sure that there is warranty. In case there is really some latent defect for the wifi adapter that you purchased, you can ask for a full refund or a replacement so that you will not lose your money. The period of the warranty should at least be 18 months or even 24 months (2 years).

Regarding the durability, you should also do more than just relying on the warranty offered by the manufacturers. You should also do more research regarding the durability of different wifi adapters in the market. You can start from forums or the reviews of related items, and you can see how other users comment on the durability of the products.

For technical support, this is also another good feature for any wifi card for PC. Some of the products in the above review offer unlimited 24/7 technical support for you. If you are a new user for wifi receiver for PC, you may be having some trouble regarding how to install the product, and therefore I would suggest you rely more on the technical support.


The price of a wifi adapter ranges from $10 to more than $50, and you need to strike the right balance between price and nice features. If you are looking for a wifi adapter that is able to provide very fast speed and a very strong and reliable network, then I would say that you should pay relatively more money for the high-quality one.


Although there are a lot of things for you to look into when you are purchasing a wifi receiver for PC, the purpose of it is to make sure that you make the right decision to find the most suitable wifi adapter for you. Following the buying consideration and you will get the right one.