A computer is the best companion for us in the modern world—there is no doubt about it. We may use a computer to communicate with others within a shorter period of time via emails, or we may use the computer to play games or entertain ourselves. The features of a computer have made it deeply penetrated into our daily lives.

However, computers are not without problems. While a lot of us may focus on the addiction on playing computer games that will distract us and harm our eyes, the operation of the computers may also potentially cause us a lot of troubles.

For example, have you ever experienced the frustration when your computer just restarts automatically? The problem with it is that in a lot of cases you will not know the reason why a computer will restart itself.

Well, here is a list to answer why PC randomly restarts.

1. Software conflicts

One of the reasons why computer reboots randomly is that the software you downloaded has a conflict with another. If the newly downloaded software is having some compatibility issues, then the computer restarts automatically may be the result.

Therefore, if you have just downloaded some new software and then your PC restarts automatically, then probably this will be the case of the malfunctioning.

In other to solve this, you can uninstall the recently installed software—undo what you have done wrong and you can have your perform system restore to an older date so that there will not be any compatibility issues anymore.

2. Driver conflicts

Well, this is similar to the first point—apart from software, different drivers in your computer may also be the answer to why do my computer randomly restarts—there can also be compatibility issues among different drivers that you downloaded.

If this is the case, again, please kindly uninstall the driver from your PC, and you can do so by adding or removing the programs or by the built-in software removal function that a lot of PC have nowadays. An alternative will be to perform a system restore and set it to a date before the day when the problematic driver is installed.

Of course, a preventive measure for preventing the computer restarts itself would be to check for any potential compatibility issues before installing anything.

3. Heat-related problems

Well, yes, the temperature of the laptop or PC is also relevant, and if you find that your PC randomly restarts, then probably it is just because it has been overheated when you are using it.

The reason for this is just a protective measure, as a lot of new PC are designed in a way that the computer reboots randomly if it is too hot—for the safety of the user of course. Therefore, if you are facing the problem of your computer restart automatically, then perhaps it would be good to solve it by preventing the computer from overheating. For example, you can close the windows and applications that you are not using.

4. System memory problems

Another reason for PC reboots randomly is due to the memory of the system. Your computer may just turn off and restart all by itself if the memory of the system is corrupted. For example, if the RAM modules in the computer are corrupted or are not functioning properly, then it will cause an automatic system reboot.

The way to solve this is easy, you may just start your PC again but try another piece of RAM this time and see whether the issue is solved. If it is indeed the memory that is causing computer restarts itself, then the issue would be solved.

5. Dust Particles

There are a lot of wirings and chips inside the PC, and there is not supposed to be having any obstacles affecting their proper performance and functions. This will not be the case if there are some dust particles that are in the system cabinet, as the CPU may be triggered to make your computer restarts automatically.
In this case, it is suggested that you can clean the system cabinet on a regular basis to make sure that the PC is not affected by any of the dust particles. This is a preventive and both a corrective measure.

6. Power Supply

It is common sense that your computer runs on the power, and the power supply must both be adequate as well as steady. If your computer randomly reboots itself or shut down by itself, then it may be the fact that the computer will either shut down or reboot automatically and even without warning.

The way to solve this issue is for you to check the power supply and if you figure out any problems, then you should replace it.

7. Loose connections

Loose connections can be another reason for your PC to restart randomly. This can be just a small problem, and the solution is therefore also easy. You can just disconnect the hard disk, USB or any DVD drive from the computer and reconnect it.

8. Program issues

You should also know that some programs may be written wrongly or with a bug inside so that the computer will not be able to run it smoothly. This is why the computer will shut down and restarts all by itself, and this is also why the computer may enter into a reboot without any warnings.

Well, this can be a difficult issue to solve since normally we will not know how to fix a bug in the program, and you will need to contact the developer of the program for them to take a look into the program to see where the mistakes have been made.

This will be quite a prevalent problem if you are downloading a lot of games in your PC since the program of the games is usually more complicated.

9. Virus

This may be the reason that you would like to avoid the most, since this may mean a serious malfunction of your computer. If any of the above reasons are not applicable, then perhaps it is just some virus that has invaded your computer.

If this is the case, do not attempt to solve the issue by yourself and you should bring the computer to an expert or to the computer manufacturer support to help you solve the issue.

10. Hard wear is worn out

This may happen if you have been using your computer for a long period of time. One of the reasons causing the computer to reboot all by itself is due to the problems of hard wear. Unlike software, your hard wear will start wearing out if you are using the computer for a long time. Therefore, the ultimate solution to solve the problem is to purchase a new computer or to replace the old hard wear.


As you can see, there are many different reasons that will lead to the malfunction of your computer, and you will need to be patient to check for each and every of the potential cause for the automatic rebooting of the PC.